We are honored to have a place at your table

MEAT DROP allows FORT Butcher to drop small quantities (less than 5,000 lbs.) of high-quality proteins like beef, chicken, pork and elk - sourced from small ranches who adhere to the highest of ethical practices.

How TO ORder

1. Pick your Kit 
2. Choose your pickup location at checkout
3. Collect your order during our next Meat Drop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MEAT DROP?

MEAT DROP is our way of delivering exceptional protein, sourced by our own award-winning chef, with the intent to keep overhead low and pass along the savings to the consumer. We DROP meat - at our MEAT DROP locations.

Does FORT Butcher offer shipping or Door Dash delivery?

Shipping is not currently available in our first stage of growth.Join us at MEAT DROP monthly with several locations around Fort Worth, Texas.We will offer shipping and door dash delivery in stage two of our strategic growth plan.

What if I miss my pickup window (Drop)?

Your MEAT DROP order will be held for collection up to 72 hours after the MEAT DROP has ended. We understand life happens. Contact us to schedule pickup. Fort Butcher does not assume responsibility for missed pickups. If we have not heard from you within 48 hours, we donate the protein to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

What time is MEAT DROP?

It depends on the location, but typically we try to stay between 10a-2p on the MEAT DROP date designated.

How will I be notified of my order?

Upon successful checkout you'll receive a confirmation & receipt of your order followed by periodic email updates. You may also choose to opt for text notifications

What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed derived from native Asian cattle. ‘WAGYU’ refers to an all Japanese beef cattle, where ‘Wa’ means Japanese, and ‘gyu’ means cow. WAGYU is a horned breed and either red or black in color.  

What are the nutritional benefits of Wagyu?

Wagyu has a higher percentage of mono-unsaturated fat and low cholesterol content, making it the healthiest beef available. Highly marbled beef not only has a different flavor profile, but also contains valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Wagyu beef has a rich, buttery flavor and remarkable tenderness.

Why Shop Fort Butcher?

Our mission is to connect communities to sustainably raised animals & help make responsibly raised meat affordable in and around the city. 'MEAT Drop', our monthly service for fresh-cut packages of meat, is available for home cooks at pickup locations around Fort Worth in partnership with local businesses. 

Where does your meat come from?

We sourced from small ranches locally and in the midwest who adhere to the highest of ethical practices.

Do you have cooking classes?

At every MEAT DROP we have a free cooking demonstration, hosted by Award-winning Chef and Chief Protein Curator,u Andrew Dilda. Learn tips and tricks from his decades of culinary experience.